House Of Lies (Atonement Book 1)

Eleanor Crawford is an ordinary girl from Buffalo, NY; or so she’s led to believe. Fair-skinned and slender with sunset-red hair and sapling green eyes. Her life is at the bottom of the barrel until she meets Nicholas Silver, the pale, handsome, and mysterious new student in her chemistry class.Eleanor takes an instant disliking to Nicholas and the predatory and arrogant ways he’s cast during their first encounters. However, as fate would have it she can’t seem to get rid of him. Driven by jealousy and a desire for her half-brother’s affections, Petra Silver plots to murder Eleanor. Nicholas springs to the rescue, but at the risk in revealing his secret. With a unexpected turn of events, Eleanor begins to notice that Nicholas is actually warm at heart. But, the pressures from Nicholas’s family force him to make a rash decision that will change everything. When secrets of his past and true nature come to light, Nicholas is encouraged to do a favor for Eleanor. Accepting her true identity, Eleanor is faced with another truth that contradicts everything she’s come to believe. When scheming, Petra Silver, threatens to come between them, Nicholas has to act fast. But will the secrets of their families keep them from finding the love that they deserve?