X-Spelled: The Deviated Path (X-Spelled Series Book 1)

Is it possible for Wickelle to experience true love AND the adventurous life she yearns for?

Wickelle, one of six royal children in the kingdom of Peckham, hates the chaos at the castle. She feels to be a disappointment to her father because she lacks “princess-like” qualities. She can’t stand to wear fluffy dresses or caked-on makeup. She prefers studying lost languages, exploring, and hanging out with her best friend, Prince Richard.
One day, she accidentally kills a shape-shifter—the confidant of the iniquitous witch, Rohesia. In an attempt to get true love’s kiss to break the revengeful curse, Wickelle faces heartache and pain. She discovers deeper feelings for Richard she never knew existed. But is she too late? Is his heart already taken by the beautiful Madalena whom he just barely met?
Minerva, an aging “good” witch mentors her through the process of trying to break her spell. The disfigured hag takes Wickelle under her wings to help heal her broken pieces and guide her to her true destiny.