College to Startup: Right Time Is The Time When You Start!

College to Startup: Right Time Is The Time When You Start!

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College to Startup: Right Time Is The Time When You Start!

Are you a college student dreaming of your own startup?

Every one out of two-person wants to become an entrepreneur, start their own startup and be their own boss. With all the breaking news and headlines on media about startups with billion-dollar valuation and raising millions of funds, today it has become a trend to start a startup and the truth is the world needs more entrepreneurs and innovative startups to solve some of the world’s problem.

But is it that easy to start your own startup and make millions or even billions of dollars? Our society has always supported the traditional way of going to school then college and then settling for a job. It never supported entrepreneurship. In that case how young entrepreneurs like you can start your own startup while still in college or even before entering college? What about the young entrepreneurs who don’t have any resources or prior experience, still want to build a startup and live the life of their dreams, How to do that?

I started my company with 2 of my friends when I was in my second year of engineering, We did some really great things at the same time we did huge mistakes in our startup. I have mentioned all the good things we did in our startup such as habits, skills, the way we organized money, the books that I read at the same time I’ve also mentioned our failures.

I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake we did, at the same time I want you to do all the right things, we did. This book is the result of my 3-year startup experiment. It contains all the answers to questions that will pop into your mind while running your startup.

I promise you, once you read this book you will have a complete and clear view of a startup. You will know all the essential things, what to do and what not to do. Everything you need to get started with your startup.If this is the first time you’re reading a book about a startup,you’re at the right place to start.

So what are you waiting for? Get this book right now, build a great business and make the world a better place.

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