Dismissed without Prejudice Sequel to the Sin Eater

After multi-State encounters with persons who had come into contact with the long sought after missing attorney, Bri and Jeffrey returned to the firm’s offices; only to be directed to a forgotten room, located in the building’s sub-basement. Within the sequestered space, the mystery associated with the whereabouts of her estranged former paramour, the firm’s missing lawyer, further unfolds. Although some questions are answered, other details arise; both compelling Bri and Jeffrey to, once again, renew their efforts and travel to different parts of the continental United States continuing their search and in hope of finally locating the mysterious He. Time is of the essence. Their success, or lack of it, will have devastating financial and legal consequences to all concerned, unless the firm’s time stored dark secrets are brought into the light.

Once again, the story is full of intrigue, humor and philosophical overtones that has potential to reveal the disclosure of a sorted secret.