Curiosa – The Warehouse

One morning, a cancelled train grants Anna some free time to investigate the mysterious alleyway she has contemplated exploring for many years. After fighting through the tangled, overgrown vegetation, she arrives triumphantly at the far end of the passageway, whereupon she finds an old abandoned industrial estate.

Ignoring the large ‘Proceed with Caution’ and ‘Keep Out’ signs, what she discovers at the end of the industrial estate teaches her more about herself than the old brick warehouses that initially tempted her to explore the site.

In particular, one large building at the very extreme of the site piques her interest. The encounters awaiting within the old, unkempt exterior will transform her gauche life.

As she becomes increasingly captivated by the mysterious occupiers within, a series of hedonistic adventures drag Anna deeper into this covert fantasy world.

As this treasure trove unravels, the mysterious clique hidden within entice Anna to engage in a lifestyle she would never have previously considered.