69 Licks

In New York City, Aiden Williams, once a celebrated hero, now a homeless addict, finds redemption in a chance act of bravery. He rescues Lindsey Arison, a high-society widow, from an assault, then disappears into the night. Lindsey, determined to find her savior, eventually locates Aiden and offers him a new start. Their relationship deepens unexpectedly, and Aiden falls for Lindsey. She introduces him to “69 Licks,” a secretive, erotic club where failure to perform tasks leads to expulsion. Aiden, entangled in the club’s dark politics, uncovers shocking truths. As love, lust, and danger intertwine, Aiden and Lindsey navigate a perilous path of BDSM, challenging their morals and altering their lives forever in the heart of New York.