Someone Else’s Dream

High-flying London lawyer Amber Hendrix has put everything into her relationship, including investing in a café in a small town on the Kent coast. But when things change between her and her girlfriend, Amber is forced to rethink her whole plan.

Pub landlady and entrepreneur Jackie Johnson (JJ) wants to convert an empty travel agency into an amusement arcade but Harbour Street shop owners are divided. Local gallery owner moody Ben Taylor not only struggles to keep a rein on his temper but also holds past grievances, and flower shop owner Eva is coming to terms with her new status.

Faced with hostility and financial problems, Amber must turn the café into a successful business that she can sell. In the meantime, she has to draw on her inner resources and creativity to resolve conflicts and help bring unity. During her struggle she makes some unexpected friendships and alliances – ones that will change her life forever.

A heart-warming, uplifting, feel-good novel about courage, integrity and friendship that comes together just in time for Christmas…