Hart & Soul

Set in the Hudson Valley and New England, this heartfelt story takes you from a failed loveless marriage, to love restored as fifty-something Savannah begins her second half of life. On her twist of faith, she is comfortable knowing her duties as a mother of three fine young men allow her to discover her true self. While waiting in line at her favorite ice cream parlor, an approaching wave comes over her and forces her to do something she never thought she would ever do. Savannah takes out her cell phone, logs on to Facebook, and hits the send request. When the woman handed her the change and cone, Savannah couldn’t believe the flood of emotion that came over her. She put the dime in her pocket, sat down, ate her dessert, and went home to start cooking dinner for her birthday celebration with her sons and their families. First, she opened her laptop, shocked she read his message. Her heart and soul came to life for the first time in more than thirty years and she only knew his name, Drew Hart. After she read his reply wishing her a happy birthday, she thanked whoever was watching over her. “Thank you for guiding me on this new path in life and in love.” She quickly typed a thank you but was surprised when he got right back to her offering to take her out for ice cream the next day. Giddy, she replied, yes, that would be nice. Over the next few months, Savannah and Drew would be together exploring many new firsts and everlasting love, until she hears a message from what she believes is a girlfriend.