In the years following the events of NOCTURNAL, things have gone back to normal. The Vampire has gone back to his quiet existence while Reggie, his great great grandson, and Nick Castle have received promotions at their precinct.

But a twisted killer stalks San Diego’s Goth club scene, using methods that mimic vampirism. Reggie and Nick ask the Vampire for help. Reluctant to involve himself in the “affairs of man”, yet deeply offended by the killer’s methods, he agrees to help.

But as the Vampire helps them track this brilliant human killer, a powerful entity from the Vampire’s past returns in the present to kill him and his descendants, severing his blood line for all time.

The Vampire is forced to make a stand and fight, proving once again to the worlds of both mortals and monsters that he, a Vampire named Edwin Thaddeus Marx, is one of the deadliest, most savage creatures to ever live, then die, and then live again.