The 60 Minute Investment Guide: What You Need to Know to Manage Your Money in Easily Understood Language, and All in Only 1 Hour

Thousands of books have been written about investing and myriad radio and TV shows have been made about how to make your money work for you. But most people are too busy living their lives to plod through these tomes, and many radio and TV investment programs are really infomercials. And with so many options, there’s always the chance the “investment teachers” are just trying to steer you toward what is best for them — not you.

“The 60 Minute Investment Guide” will change the way you view your financial future.

Author and lifelong educator Michael L. Walden, Ph.D., has not only jumpstarted the financial education of tens of thousands, he’s reached millions through radio and TV broadcasts as a contributor for “Live Now” from Fox, WRAL in Raleigh and WPTF and the Curtis Media Group in Raleigh for over four decades.

The principles of investment do not have to be difficult to understand, and with this book, in less than 60 minutes, anyone can learn to how to apply these principles to their investment goals and secure their financial future.