THE PURPOSE AND ESSENCE OF PRAYER: The Promises of God Are Yes And Amen


  • I want to challenge you right now to take some time to quiet your soul. Remove the clutter in your mind so that you can experience the power of hearing God speak clearly. Begin to see the importance of aligning your mind with your spirit as you meditate and pray.
  • Your spirit or (conscience) will transfer to your natural mind the words God is saying to you. You will begin to know without a doubt when he is directing you.
  • Therefore, you will begin to know Him more intimately. You will begin to understand His undying love for you in ways you have never understood before! Your whole being will begin to acknowledge and embrace his Presence and that will bring you unspeakable joy (Psalm 16:11).
  • When you know Him (God) who He is you have joy. Joy is knowing Him, happiness is happy for that moment but you’re happy if you have JOY!
  • If we are not seeing the results we want in our prayer life, we must check out our motives. Our prayers should be motivated by love. God promises that we can love him because he loved us first (1 John 4:19). If we do not believe he loves us, we will not accept his promises.
  • We will also have no reason to pray. When our prayers are motivated by love, we will want to communicate with him. In other words, prayer will not be a chore or task. But a time to share and speak, fellowship, and intimacy with God in love with God, who is love.
  • Prayer communicating with God is not simply a recital, litany, chanting, or any ritual ceremony; we do all the talking. Suppose we have reduced our prayer life to this level. It is merely a ritual or religious cliché. The purpose of prayer is to fellowship and commune with God. This truly connects us with him in a more intimate way.
  • The essence of something is its very nature. When we study the significance of prayer, we realize how powerful and extraordinary prayer is.
  • The God who created heaven and earth wants to communicate with us. He wants a two-way dialogue and communication like Adam on a fabulous day before the Fall to establish a unique and personal relationship with us. The thought alone is decisive. He doesn’t want prayer to be a ritual or a chore but a time of loving communication with Abba Father.
  • Thanksgiving to God changed your outlook and reinforced your faith. Suddenly, with momentum and acceleration, I see a challenge as an opportunity to achieve something. Then, my faith releases God’s power in your life.
  • Suddenly, you are accomplishing what you never thought you could achieve, and this refers to the books I’ve been writing. Writing more than ten books for me is impossible, but by grace through faith, it’s possible.
  • God answers prayer, but we must learn to communicate with him genuinely. This is God’s will. When we seek, we are supposed to find; when we knock, the door is supposed to be opened. When this does not happen, the problem is not with Him.