You can read them in Hebrews 11—names of these supernatural heroes of faith. My supernatural heroes and heroines in the Old Testament were Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Moses, Caleb, Joshua, Elijah, David, Samson, Gideon, Solomon, Rahab, and more. They listened to God and obeyed Him, regardless of the journey.

No matter what was going on or how hard it was. And Jesus, the HERO of all heroes, is the ONE who helps us live the hero life. In the New Testament is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Mary, Jesus’ mother, and Joseph, the disciples of Jesus who wrote the letters such as Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Timothy, Peter, James, and Paul.

However, many people have answered the call to be role models, giving to others all they had, living selfless lives, and some even putting their lives on the line, as Jesus did. They obeyed and trusted God, especially in those days. It was a terrible time, much worse than today!

As we admire them, they’re not thinking of their comfort but pressing into His plan for their lives, families, and those around them.

The police, firefighters, medical team (doctors, nurses, ambulance, teachers, mothers, fathers, etc.), and military men and women put their lives on the line daily for you and me. They are heroes EVERY DAY! Sometimes, they give their lives to save others. Heroes have helped, taught, lifted me, and changed my life.

Who supported me every time is my husband. My parents, mother, and father are gone, but I still consider them heroes who brought me into the world. They’re like parents and grandparents who prayed for me through good times and bad.

The heroes in my life include friends, classmates, teachers, and role models who are not famous, but they’re significant to me. However, I’ve not met them for so long. However, I still remember them in my heart, even those acquaintances, while working in many areas and regions in the Philippines.

However, they all have something in common with Jesus, and they put their lives and comfort aside to give themselves to God for His purpose and plan. What would you choose to make? Would we be selfish or selfless? Would we be full of Jesus?

We discover ourselves about the fact that our achievements, abilities, talents, creativeness, and personal qualities come from Jesus! When I was writing this book just now. I couldn’t produce even a topic until He directed and guided me on what to do next. This is precisely what makes us hero-qualified. With Jesus Living inside you, you are not just You; you’re always WE. It is always you and Jesus!

That’s why I have to pray before I write, especially in the heavenly language, or I would grope in the dark. I don’t know how to start. If we have grace, we don’t struggle or strive and self-effort, for we’re being guided and directed in every word, sentence, paragraph, and subject by God.

In my case, it would been a waste of my time as what I did a few minutes ago. The whole section has to be deleted because I wanted to be corrected, and the Lord is welcome to do that before I broadcast it to the world.

The heroes I will portray in this subject are my mentors and teachers who taught me for several years. Jesus used as a vessel of honor for me to learn are the ministries, Christian authors, pastors, evangelists, and preachers.

Most of all, the believer who was praying for me, my daughter who helped me with tutorial lessons for formatting, and Nick who helped me with every technical problem.

The KDP and staff who helped me and able me to gave me a chance for self-publishing for my books. They helped and supported me through!