Psychotomy: Mourning Wendy’s Love

Mourning can take many paths. It’s a struggle to find the answers of the why. Dick worries about his family, but when he feels they’re safe, he pushes things to the point of death. Losing himself in a nightmarish fantasy of his mind’s own devising. The only thing he truly knows is, “I have to run.”

However, when death doesn’t come for him, he escapes into drug-induced hallucinations to spend time with his wife. However, Sarah finds him in his feral state and helps him to find his way. His savior, who somehow becomes a sadist, killing him just to find that tomorrow brings his return. She seduced him with her touch, but he may never return the passion.

She destroyed her self-image as her passions burned within her like a raging flame across the prairie. Even when drenched in his blood, it can never sate her grief. Try as she might, there is no way to love and grieve when she doesn’t even know herself.