Sigils of Malice

In the early 20th century Imperial Capital of Grace, the Clayton Enchanted Extravaganza arrives, starring Thalia Clayton,the muscle-bound Mighty Beast Woman. As disappearances are happening around Grace, Thalia’s cherished calygreyhound, Frendo, is kidnapped, she is fired by her uncle, the ringmaster. Thalia’s cousins, Calliope, a “weak” necromancer, and little Jacoby, an elementalist, are also let go at the behest of their mother’s angry ghost.

That’s only the start of the young Claytons’ troubles. With the help of a ghost tethered to a portable camera, they learn the dark secrets hiding above and below the cliffside capital. Thalia works with a criminal underground to protect everything she loves, putting her own life, soul, and freedom at risk on a violent adventure.