Hey! It’s Me Again! It’s Lilly Everlea: The Lilly Everlea Series

Join Lilly Everlea, a spirited young detective, and her trusty companion, Terrance the gardener, in two thrilling mysteries that will test their wit and courage.

Lilly and The Haunted Rectory
When mysterious bangs echo through the churchyard at night, Lilly’s village of Ducksdale is on edge. With Reverend Dentin away and the rectory vacant, two eerie shadows appear in the windows after sunset. A peculiar stranger arrives, exchanging new silver coins for blueberry ice cream at Knotty’s Ice Cream Parlor. Eavesdropping on her father’s conversation with Sergeant Smiffy, Lilly and Terrance take it upon themselves to investigate. Will Lilly Everlea solve the riddle of the haunting before her father and the authorities? Can the enigmatic coins hold the key to the strange occurrences in the village?

Lilly and The Featherbark Lane Mystery
Halloween approaches, casting a shadow of fear over Ducksdale. The legend of the white figure returning to Featherbark Lane sends shivers down the villagers’ spines. Determined to uncover the truth, Lilly, Terrance, and their friend Emily Knott embark on a quest to unravel the secrets behind the ghostly apparition. As the Everlea Halloween party unfolds, Emily Knott unveils a startling revelation. But what is this mysterious white thingy that continues to terrorize the village?

Look our for more heart-pounding adventures filled with suspense, friendship, and unexpected twists. AK Cooper-Elliot invites you back into the enchanting world of Lilly Everlea, where bravery and curiosity lead to extraordinary discoveries. Will Lilly and her companions triumph over the unknown, or will these mysteries remain unsolved forever?