Bill’s Cajun House of Pleasure

It’s a romp in the swamp of historic proportions!

Eager young reporter Jimmie Rains is assigned to write an exposé on the treatment of elderly residents of Our Lady of Sorrows Nursing Home. He soon finds that all the residents speak in awe and hushed tones of the life led by legendary fellow resident Bill Valencourt.

With a bit of coaxing and the help of a flirtatious nurse, Jimmie gets Bill to talk about his past. At first, getting the story is like pulling teeth, but Bill soon warms to his subject and begins to spew a torrent of bawdy, foul-mouthed memories.

As a teenager, Bill was sent to work for his cranky and demanding uncle who ran a bordello on the edge of the swamp. His girlfriend, Anne Marie, was less than happy with this arrangement. As the granddaughter of the famous swamp witch Marie Laveau, she believes her magic is strong enough to keep Bill from straying. She seduces him, believing the taking of his virginity will bind him to her for all time.

She is sorely mistaken.

When his uncle is murdered by the wife of an angry patron, Bill’s destiny is irrevocably changed, leaving him the new owner of the cathouse and setting him on the path to both riches and ruin. When he falls in love with one of his girls—the beautiful and curvaceous Ariel—Anne Marie vows revenge.

The ensuing battle of wills covers three continents and six decades filled with colorful characters and improbably circumstances, but Jimmie gets the story of his young career.