Mercury’s Wake – Day One: Before Chaos

“The monster emerges out of the mire, spewing grim heartbreak in a voice fractured by whiskey and cigarettes. Tragedies are all the same except, maybe, how they came to be. But no one cares about that.”

“Pretty heavy.”
“It’s dystopian.”
“I mean, what are the odds? Is that the title?”
“’What drama may come.’ Yeah.”
“And this happens in Vegas?”
“It’s what I know.”
“Boz! I got here a little early!”

Bozzy was relieved to see Sadie, who instantly vibed the man at the bar. “Christ, please don’t tell me he’s here again. He’s creepy. Walk away, right?”

24-hours are only the start of a very long weekend in Before Chaos, introducing the seven strangers in the series MERCURY’S WAKE where seemingly random events present a cosmic tension of premonition and foreboding.