Thorns of a Princess

Finnan wants nothing more than to join the kingdom’s guard and leave sheep-herding behind forever. All he must do is perform a deed heroic enough to be recognized by the king. His search brings him to the middle of the forest, where he stumbles across a maiden living in a tower with no doors. She claims to be the missing princess of Aelia and assures him that her father will knight him if he aids in freeing her from her curse. Could it be so simple?

Princess Rapunzel has been living alone in her tower for six years, convinced this will be her life forevermore. She could never travel to the Enchantress’s cottage to break her curse on her own. It’s hopeless. Until a handsome stranger appears at the base of her tower and offers to be her guide across the Esper Sea.

Will she be able to make it to the Enchantress without her curse hurting anyone? And will the Enchantress even be able to help? Or will this curse endlessly come between her and those she loves?