Flavius Fettotempi (Flavius Fettotempi – The Eastern Mediterranean Series)

The late 14th century was a time of change in the Byzantine world. As the empire itself dissolved, Muslims, Christians, and even pirates all rushed to fill the void left by its dissolution. The great sea was also dominated by two significant trading powers, the Venetians and the Genoese, both rich beyond most kingdoms of the world and wanting more. Crete was situated in the midst of everything by virtue of it’s location, having fallen under the yoke of the Venetians since 1205 when it was referred to as the Kingdom of Candia.

Flavius Fettotempi found himself in the middle of Crete’s struggle for freedom from the accursed Venetians, his father one of those leading the St. Titus Revolt which eventually ended up in failure. Banished from his beloved home, he attempts to make his life anew, but is haunted by the island as well as his family’s destruction. Alone, he attempts to rebuild his life by a chance encounter but soon finds rebuilding what once was is more difficult when love is involved, as well as the desire to return home and reclaim his family name. His is a story of a lost life found, only to become lost once again in the turbulent world of the late 14th century Mediterranean Sea.