Transforming Lives – A three step guide in becoming a better you – Helen Cummings-Henry

Are You Ready To Be Transformed?

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Transformation begins with you. Before you can change the world, you must first, change yourself. You have control over your life, your actions and your behavior. Are the thoughts you think, positive or negative?

You must take positive action and have positive behavior to achieve the desired outcome. I can guarantee, you will have better results in your life, whether personally or professionally. You will also inspire others who want the same result in their lives.

Join Helen Cummings-Henry as she takes you on a life changing adventure that will challenge you unlike any other journey that you have ever taken.

Get ready to be transformed by taking in new information that Helen has downloaded into this book from the Overseer of the Universe: “The Three Steps In Becoming a Better You.”

Be prepared to receive knowledge, understanding and wisdom that will not only change your life but advance the lives of others so together we can transform the world.

The Three Steps In Becoming a Better You: