The Art Of Killing

A chance discovery of something unimaginable will steer Detective Patrick Gutteridge’s life down a path littered with memories of his past, memories he’s spent a decade trying to forget.

For two years, Gloucester’s quiet streets have glowed to the media interest gifted by the works of an anonymous graffiti artist — Tick-Tock. But the art is changing, distorting, each piece becoming more perverse and contentious than the last. Only DI Gutteridge sees a pattern forming which points to something far more sinister looming on the horizon. Can he decipher it in time to prevent the impending storm, or will the city be forced to wear the infamy of a series of events so shocking, it threatens to stain its streets forever.

Who is the artist turned killer? What malevolent force drives them? And who can decode their warping message in time to stop the bloodshed? Only time will tell, but time, is fast running out!