For Evernaissant

Logline Corrupted law force gang members attack a small millionaire. Saved by angels, she travels through life and after-death experiences, receiving proof that eternal life is real. When an old boyfriend who had murdered a drug dealer crosses her path again, she loses everyone around her. Witnessing the murder of a young girl, for the next seven years she is led to believe that it was her own daughter. Afraid, she goes into hiding on a tropical island, asking people she meets for a way to scare the criminals away. Back in Verdun, she gets hit by an Angel cloud, giving her unusual powers and the ability to remember her ancestral lives! Criminals bug her house and phone, illegally broadcasting her voice and songs on the radio, and then using a performer to claim the money. The attempts on her life continue, and she is attacked and robbed of all she has left! A true story awakens a feeling of déjà-vu, bringing back memories of well-known subjects, such as the sister of the Queen of England, flash of King James with Joan of Arc’s ancestor in year 0 and few others.