Beyond The Picture

Beyond the Picture is not just about a mystery that needs to be solved. It also reveals how love can hurt us, yet with the power to heal us at the same time.

Keith William’s debut novel invites you to share the journey to uncover what a picture shows the observer. At first glance, it’s an innocent portrayal of a woman in New York having the time of her life but it’s much more than that.

On the surface, Rob has a beautiful, loving wife, a career and a wonderful home. But all of that is a lie. Worse still, the object of the picture is losing her memory, so it’s a fight against time to solve the mystery.

Rob’s wife thinks he has lost the plot when he takes a last-minute flight to New York to get answers. But Rob feels the urgency to resolve the secrets behind the seemingly innocent picture.

The revelations are shocking, but are they enough for him to get his life back on track?