Simply Irresistible: Attract the best of everything in your work and career!

Irresistibility accelerates our success at work, letting us stand out and promote our ideas — and ourselves.As we build this career asset, things begin to move in positive directions. We’re trusted. People confide in us, and that means we’re in the loop — and in the know. People listen to our ideas and take them seriously. We’re in the room when important decisions are being made, increasing our influence.Simply Irresistible reveals the secrets of attracting the best of everything in your work and career: putting people first. Listening so they’ll talk. Talking so they’ll listen. Knowing how to encourage them. Laughing together.With the solid strategies for boosting our irresistibility in this book, we succeed and grow, and maybe even more important: we enjoy our work and the people we do it with and for.