The Giving Pin

The small and not-at-all important Eli Brown is happy just riding his skateboard, going to the playground, and searching for treasure around his neighborhood. But everything changes one cold February afternoon when Eli meets a strange visitor who’s traveled a long way to see him.

As darkness settles in, a mystery begins to unfold. Eli will venture out into the night and then back in time, setting a magical chain of events in motion that will save Tia Luisa and show the power of a mother’s love. New discoveries await everyone in The Giving Pin, especially Eli who finds he’s not so small and unimportant after all.
“Vibrantly imagined, this first Sparks and Whispers Mystery, beautifully illustrated and filled with colorful characters in the tradition of Charlotte’s Web, is an amazing fiction debut by Diana Davin. More than just a pin’s journey through time, this is the story of the remarkable power of love and generosity, which are multiplied as we pass these blessings on to others.” – Emilia Casella