Recovering from Self Harm by a Recovering Self Harmer

This book has been written as an additional support system for anyone who is currently self harming or knows anyone who is self harming and does not take the place of a therapist or a mental health practioner. This book has been written with the intent to help anyone who may benefit in a safe, loving and non judgmental way and is intended for any audience who may be interested.

Chapters Include

Chapter One- Why? A holistic and self love approach.

  • A deeper look at why we do it, it is ultimately an act of self hatred, anger, pain and loneliness
  • What does your body really need? What does your soul need?
  • If you absolutely want to do it I can’t stop you but there are safer alternatives
  • The power of communication,

Chapter Two- If you want to stop I have 100% belief in you

  • Looking at self harm as a coping mechanism rather than a crime that is not something to be ashamed of.
  • You are not a bad person if you are finding it hard to stop, surround yourself with the right people and please don’t be cruel to yourself
  • Learning about your triggers, do you have thought processes that might set you off or do certain events in your life bring on urges?
  • TRIGGER WARNING- Shame and silence literally kill us/the dangers.

Chapter Three- You are not a bad person, self harm is dangerous but it does not make you a bad person and it is not something to be ashamed of.

  • Let’s admit it, we all have thought about it or have tried it and some of us find it addictive.
  • Let’s shake up the stigma, the more people talk about it the more we can help others
  • You deserve good things, if you self harm you are clearly someone with a gift and high empathy and you are able to bring good into this world.

Chapter Four – What may work, things that may give you that “rush” in a productive way

  • Donating blood, this is what helped me personally but may not be for everyone. Donating blood was what actually made me stop and have something to look forward to and to be eligible I had to be in perfect health.

Chapter Five – Your new self care ritual

  • How a ritual can help you start to love and nourish your mind and body, what do you find most relaxing and why?
  • You deserve to surround yourself with the good things, make yourself a self love box.
  • Remove temptations if you need to, explore your senses in other ways.

Chapter Six- CalmHarm App

  • This app is specifically designed for anyone struggling with self harm and involves practical activities that could be completed to beat the urges.

Chapter Seven – Relapse? This doesn’t signify failure, try another way or up your self care game

  • A relapse does not mean that all your progress has been lost, it just means it is time to try again.
  • If you beat it once, you can beat it again. Sometimes it takes many shots and many attempts.
  • I write I am “recovering” because I still have urges and every day I commit to my healing and peace.