How I Effectively Fucked Up My Life In One Week

Are my experiences real or are they all fabricated? I will leave that up to you my dear reader to decide. We live in a society that values society and technology and sometimes our creativity and active minds blur the line between imagination and reality.

As a skeptic I decided to test a few of these games out one night after falling down the rabbit hole of paranormal chat forums, a bad idea in itself. I’m a creative and slightly morbid person obsessed with horror and anything strange, a dangerous combination. I had read a few first hand experiences and figured that if others have tried it and survived it then I can try my luck. I figured it was all fake and relied on my own imagination and expectation for something to happen, I wanted to experience it for myself for the thrill of it. I frequent haunted places and have been to several haunted places in Australia, some of these places several times a year.

The risk was not worth the consequence, the consequence being that I’ve fucked up my own life by playing three supernatural games within the same week with a blatant disregard for the rules. I have fucked up and these are my experiences, I fucked up my life so you don’t have to.

For context I’ve written my findings and experiences below and I’ll be writing about my current shitstorm that I’ve decided are consequences for playing these games. Believe me when I say I have fucked up and I do not want you to fuck up your life as I have fucked mine up.