Pull of the Moon: A journey of three strangers who suffer broken promises, endure heartache, and ultimately, for some, find the courage to start over.

1800s…In Pull of the Moon, three unlikely strangers are brought together out of need. Edmund Kenney, a destitute Irish immigrant laboring on the docks of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage to Lenora Wilson, a frail, reclusive young woman, after her controlling father, Captain James Wilson, promises him respectable work and a comfortable home. Captain Wilson tries to assure the couple will not live as man and wife, sending Edmund out to sea on whale hunts for months, leaving Lenora in the care of Frances Foster, a fifteen-year-old girl abandoned on her first day in America. With Edmund out to sea, Lenora’s father, greedy Captain Wilson, uses the home to rent extra rooms to questionable characters. Frances and Lenora bond as they create mischief, spying on the boarders, and exposing them as thieves and frauds. Only the most skilled deceive the women, leaving Frances heartbroken, and Lenora ashamed.

Pull of the Moon, a novel about loyalty, trust, and truth, follows Edmund, Lenora, and Frances as they suffer broken promises, endure heartache, and for some, find the courage to start over.