Neural Verse

Kylee Adams is The Chosen One

Dive headfirst into the adrenalized world of Neural Verse. Kylee Adams didn’t ask to be the Chosen One, but when she awakens in a nightmare after a gruesome car crash, she becomes the living experiment of Doctors Schultz and Nesmith’s groundbreaking serum.

Across the country, young Sarah, a forgotten soul in a life of neglect, is plunged into a terrifying journey when she’s kidnapped. In the underworld heart of gangland chaos, a newly empowered Kylee unravels a labyrinth of deceit, power, and dark desire.
As she grows, Sarah Luchk is ensnared by her own ambitions, yet her serum-sparked evolution unlocks powers beyond her wildest dreams. As the city teeters on a knife-edge, danger prowls around every shadowy corner.

In the world of Neural Verse, alliances shatter like glass, trust is gold dust, and the fight for power blurs the boundaries of right and wrong. Unearth shocking truths that rock the world to its core. The intoxicating allure of power seduces them.

Get ready for a heart-stopping, high-octane journey into a world of serum, secrets, and sinister intrigue.