White Knight by Duncan James

Seoul, 1982. South Korea is a democracy in name only. Rigged elections, dictatorships, assassinations and corrupted authorities: all hallmarks of a dystopian Asian backwater for decades.

When Park Ye Eun, a beautiful young Korean woman and her American fiance are found murdered in a US military base in the heart of Seoul, it’s a case of maintaining diplomatic immunity over a thorough investigation. The Korean and American judiciaries are satisfied when they think they’ve found their man. Park Ji Eun, the late Ye Eun’s sister, is far from convinced and she asks the White Knight to answer the call for justice.

Tasked with nothing more than a faded photograph and a desperate hunch, Seo Yoon So, the White Knight himself, penetrates the Seoul underworld. There, he unearths the secrets buried by totalitarian tyrants and a cabal of expatriates who have plans of their own for humble Korea.