Cabbages In The Smoke

Jimmy is a gang member with a debt to pay. Waiting on a phone call, the cold hard truth he will be away for some time.
Needing to tie up looses ends touching base with his sister, who is in a safe house North London. She, the only living witness watching her partner stabbed to death of their council flat. Searching for answers and light at the end of the tunnel, she has organised a last minute tarot evening. Unwillingly participating, he is pushed into a candle lit dining room. Handed weathered tarot cards which are quickly shuffled. Already, it has begun. Family members already passed over rush forward with stark warnings if he doesn’t quickly change his path. An entrance to a road much darker than drugs and guns if he doesn’t put things right. An unlikely change of direction. A cabbage farm with two identical twin sisters at war over the farm. One has learnt her lessons, her young son ill at the sharp end of life where money and material have no place. While the other ttwin thoinks she knows better. Money is her drug, a night with the Ouija board and its dark energy changing everything around them. A story of love, light, and nothing is coincidence.