Melody of Redemption (Lullaby Series Book 1)

17 year old Mary Beth Johnson has lived for most of her life inside of a small settlement in the desolated, destroyed lands of post-apocalyptic Colorado. Her older brother took off when she was 12 years old and disappeared, leaving Mary Beth to help her parents take care of her three younger siblings. One day, the general that is in charge of the settlement, comes to the house with some bad news.
Mary Beth decides to take things into her own hands and to seek out a place that would be better for her family to live… but things don’t go as planned. She ends up being in the area when someone is gunned down and she nurses the man back to health. As he improves, her journey continues with some new surprises along the way. As they reach an area that has been calling out to her since she left the settlement, she is surprised, yet again, with something that she never expected.