The Northern Outpost: A Coalition Series Book – 2

Join the action-packed space adventure as the Coalition’s search for trade partners takes them to the peaceful planet of Kule. In a dramatic turn of events, the mission becomes a rescue mission when Evan Abel and Solara Bndis are betrayed by a traitor on Kule who throws a wrench in the works. The Coalition officers are taken captive by the military force known as the Realm.

As the duo is subjected to brutal treatment and sentenced to death, Rul Ursan, a duty-bound hero, sets off on a rescue mission against overwhelming odds. Ursan’s courage inspires the Coalition Leader Axnar to send several ships to aid in the rescue mission.

In an epic battle between the Coalition, Wylin, and the Realm warships, the fate of Abel and Bndis hangs in the balance. The Realm ships are no match for the advanced tactics and power of the Coalition fighters, but they are many.

As the Coalition fights to recover their captive officers, a violent overthrow in the Realm leadership creates confusion and opportunities for escape.

Will Abel and Bndis make it out alive? Will the Coalition succeed in their mission to establish new trading partners?

Find out in this thrilling sci-fi adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end.