Pendragon Rising

Approximately 1600 years ago King Arthur Pendragon, the once and future king, died. About 17 years ago he was reborn on another world.

On a world named Valherus, Merlin, who is called Mierlien, follows the signs, finds the baby he believes to be the reincarnation of the Pendragon. He saves the baby from monsters and ferries him to earth for Safety. Mierlien hires a woman to take care of the baby. She is a warrior of great skill, and a fierce momma bear. Jason, the Pendragon, is a typical kid with some special abilities. Other than being called on to save the worlds, he also has the power to see into peoples’ minds, although he can’t really control it.

Although Mierlien is only trying to save one boy with a great destiny, Jason is joined by his two friends. Red, a smart ass with a sharp wit, and David, a nerd, or a bookworm, or both. They have been friends since kindergarten in their tiny town of Sweet Home and they refuse to let their friend leave without a goodbye, even though they refuse to believe he is just moving away all of the sudden. Mierlien makes a portal for himself, Jason, and Angie, the woman he hired to watch over Jason. Red and David chase after and make it through the portal.

Once in Valherus the group has to figure why Jason has been called up, what he needs to do, and they need to Save Camelot from a creature named Vaelyr who can control any undead. They are attacked from all sides, beset by treachery, and outnumbered five to one with very few able citizens to fight. If Jason succeeds the Earth will never know and if he fails the worlds may be destroyed.