Isolated Chamber – The Powder Keg

A violent locked-up felon who vanishes into thin air

A psychopath with a weapon that can destroy the world with a press of a button

A pissed off alcoholic introvert with nothing to lose

They all come together.

A Sci-Fi crime- thriller with many twists and turns challenging the reader. A pissed-off hero with nothing to lose. A life that has been wiped out. A psychopath with no bounds. A reality that isn’t.

A workaholic by day, alcoholic by night, pissed off introvert all the time.

Sil Wochman is a successful software engineer at a high-tech startup. Years ago, he suffered a personal tragedy that caused him to be withdrawn from everyone and everything around him. He lives in squalor and drowns his sorrows by working long hours and getting drunk every night, often contemplating suicide.

One night, after leaving work, Sil discovers his entire life as he knows it has been erased. His house is gone and everything he has known has changed around him. In the midst of his confusion, he commits a crime and now the police are after him. On the run and with no one to turn to, he frantically searches for clues, trying to piece together an explanation and return things back to “normal” while staying out of sight of law enforcement.

But someone else is pursuing him. Someone who knows the truth. Someone who wants him destroyed. Someone who can be adequately described as a “psychotic genius.” Someone whom Sil does not even know. Someone with no value for human life and a weapon that can easily destroy humanity anywhere instantaneously. And he is relentless in his pursuit…

If you’re like me and enjoyed “The X-Files” in the 90s, then you’ll love “Isolated Chamber-The Powder Keg”

Easy to read

Heart-pounding action

Edge-of-your-seat Page-turner


Science Fiction thriller