Deviant Space

What do you do when the animal in an old illegal zoo turns out to be a sentient being from a planet across the galaxy?

When Officer Del Nisil’s children demand to see “The Thing” during their family vacation, Del isn’t prepared for what they find. “The Thing” behind the glass isn’t some poor animal oddity, it’s a sentient being from another world – and abducting SBs is against United Worlds Services laws.

But rescuing this SB turns out to be more than anyone, Del in particular, expects. Robert is a highly trained soldier, mentally and emotionally scarred by his captivity. This beguiling charmer can switch to bloodthirsty killer in the blink of an eye, but somehow Del creates a wary friendship with this damaged man.

Due to this rescue Del is promoted to Commander of a new Sentient Recovery Unit. His first mission? Find and subdue his volatile new friend, who’s escaped and bent on destroying his zookeeper – with as much deadly force as possible.

Del offers a larger vengeance: the opportunity for Robert to join this new unit, stopping all those enslaving SBs in the galaxy, not just one. But will this be enough to make Robert a fully functioning member of galactic society, or will he remain the galaxy’s most dangerous predator?