Criminally Yours

Ever since my ex-boyfriend left me, I’ve been beyond messed up.
So messed up that this outlandish fantasy of a masked man breaking into my home has haunted my dreams.
He has his way with me, and then some.
It makes me blush just thinking of it.
Then suddenly, my harmless imaginings come to life.
A hot and handsome escaped convict arrives in my life seeking asylum.
I’ve never been attracted to bad boys, but Blake is on a whole other level.

Prison is not for the faint of heart.
I busted out the first chance I got.
On the run from the law, I break into the first house I can, looking for shelter.
I was supposed to be in and out.
But when the owner comes home and finds me hiding in her closet… let’s just say I’m more than intrigued by her.
Allison is everything a man could want.
This one in a million chance encounter quickly turns into something more.
And it’s been so long since a woman has made me feel so damn good.