Elysian Dream

Hapless, student BENJI thinks of himself as an average guy. He lives in a flat in the city with his amazingly cool girlfriend, Kim. The only downside to his life is his regular blackouts – oh, and the weird dreams too. But Kim looks after him, so that’s ok.

KIM doesn’t mind her human body. It’s a bit weak, but it’s comfortable and sensual, and allows her to go unnoticed in Edinburgh. After centuries of looking, her latest project, Benji, may be the unwitting human/fae hybrid with the dormant magic gene that could restore her people, the kelpies, to their natural, magnificent form. Yet Benji has stolen her heart, and now she has to decide if she can turn him over to her people.

When Benji overhears a conversation between his girlfriend and her mother, he realises Kim has been drugging him, perhaps for years. He sneaks out of their flat but finds himself pursued from his own world into Elysia, by a myriad of beings he’d always believed were just mythological characters.

As dark forces gather and war between Elysia and the Dark Realm becomes inevitable, Kim undertakes a desperate search for Benji, yet everything seems stacked against her as she encounters one obstacle after another.