Divided: Manhattan

New York, present-day.

Supposing truth is love? Then this is the account of an undying search for love and the contrast between innocence and guilt. The avant-garde romance is the story of two people’s emotions, frozen from cemented memories, and the ability to conquer their inner torments. Written against the mainstream, the novel is the exploration of humanity through the symmetry of two individuals, their love for one another, and their passions for life.

DIVIDE(78,000 words) is a complete work of cultured fiction. A tale of unique protagonists: Sarah & Henry; both pose an existential threat to human ignorance amidst their search for eternal happiness. Conflicted, torn between a central theme of feeling unworthy as a result of their sufferings and the resilience to overcome life’s distortions through deep affection and understanding.

Set in the borough of Manhattan.