Sibling Gods: The Beginning

This is a simple but action-packed story that mixes ancient legendary tales with our modern world; it mixes live action scenes with intense animated elements. Think of Avengers or Justice League but with a family instead of strangers coming together. Due to the intense action sequences, this may be rated R.

This book is an amalgam of various ideas and beliefs around the globe. It jabs at myths of gods and demigods from Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology. It touches on concepts from Oriental cultures such as chi and meditation leading to enlightenment. Its hypothesis is that man is not the pinnacle of the evolutionary path; rather, some men have continued to evolve and became gods. In order to evolve, a human must master five abilities – strength, speed, wisdom, control of the energy inside them (referred to as chi), and control of the energy around. Some others mastered only a few attributes so, even though they became legends in man’s history, they never became gods.

One woman, Keisha, met a man, Ahmad, when she was in her final year in high school. Soon after meeting him, she became pregnant with Malik, Ahmad disappears leaving Keisha to bear the pregnancy and her parent’s judgement alone. Keisha delivered Malik after completing the last exam of her final year. Two years later, at her best friend’s wedding, Keisha coincidentally meets Ahmad again. Ahmad persists in trying to woo her and to make amends for vanishing before. After some time and effort, they finally reconcile, and she becomes pregnant with Tyrone.

While pregnant with Tyrone, Keisha notices moments where she moves very quickly. She thinks something is wrong with her. Ahmad explains that he is a god. Although it has never happened before, Keisha takes on the abilities of the child that she is carrying inside her. In this story, Keisha is now pregnant with their fifth child and other gods are concerned about a little undisciplined child in control of the vast energy around us, throwing a tantrum.

A powerful god grants them time to train before they are evaluated. When he returns, the kids face an epic five way battle for their very survival.

Now available on Kindle and paperback.