The Money-Go-Round

In this debut legal thriller from the award-winning writer, Max Stephens` life is falling apart. He`s lost his high-powered city-desk job with London`s top newspaper, his wife has left him and he`s turning into the drunk his father was.

On a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Max stumbles on a huge fraud, and sensing a scoop that could help him put his life back together begins to dig deeper. With £100m at stake, as he uncovers more of the fraud people`s lives are being lost.

Max follows the money to offshore tax havens in the Isle of Man and Cayman Islands and the culprit to the French Riviera – but can he pull together all the evidence needed to convict the man responsible without losing his own life.

Greed, deception, murder, and courtroom drama combine in this thrilling Grisham-like story.