Title: The Wind Walker (Children of the Sky Book 1)

Zephyr wants out.

To avoid his fate as a Breaker Boy – Children forced to work the mines – Zephyr must find a way to earn enough coin to buy his freedom and escape the city of Crater. Yet there are only so many options afforded to a young boy with no family. So his only option is to turn to the thieves guild.

Captain Bacchus wants in.

The Captain and his eccentric crew have been tasked with the retrieval of a stolen legacy, a treasure which they know little about other than it holds the fate of a kingdom. The only other clue they have tells them they must enter the city of Crater, which is no easy job. Yet with a reward of over fifty times their normal going rate; How can the infamous sky-pirates turn the opportunity down?

The fates of the would-be thief and sky-captain are destined to collide. Will they be able to strike up a bargain? Or will Zephyr’s hopes of a life of freedom be crushed?

Packed with action, plenty of thieving shenanigans, and a top-notch cast of characters, you won’t want to miss the first installment of the Children of the Sky series.