Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now

Johnny Desmond is a racist and a believer in white separatism. He tells us of past exploits and then, on instructions from his mentor, beats up a Jewish college professor.

Johnny also tells the back story of how he was born in Mississippi but ended up in foster care in Iowa, where he is bounced from family to family and often abused. Finally he ends up at reform school.

He finds comfort and family with Peter, the head of Iowa’s right-wing commandoes. He also is willing to do the dirty work of the movement. After he places a bomb, he realizes that someone is in the building.

It’s also the story of a Des Moines detective who arrests Johnny.

Johnny goes on trial for arson, attempted murder and several other charges, enough to have him spend the rest of his life in prison. There is a lot of evidence against him, but will that include the testimony of the man who was left in the building?

Will Johnny go to prison? Will he choose the right woman to be with for the rest of his life? And, will he find his mother again? Find out in Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now.