The Lemurian Way, Remembering Your Essential Nature

“The Lemurian Way” by Lauren O. Thyme is a fascinating account of the Lemurian civilization and, more importantly, what it meant to be a Lemurian. The wondrous civilization of Lemuria, having existed many thousands of years ago, can be a difficult subject to grasp. Certainly, as time has passed, physical evidence is more difficult to find. And yet the interest in Lemuria is stronger now than ever.

Lauren O. Thyme, with the guidance of channeled information from the Lemurian Elders, has created a striking account of the customs, lifestyle, and harmonious community of people known as Lemurians. This information is almost impossible to find anywhere else, and Lauren has done a masterful job of showing what life was like during this ancient civilization.

“The Lemurian Way” includes chapters with surprisingly detailed accounts and descriptions of growing up Lemurian, the Lemurian Light Temples, childbirth customs, Lemurian communities, Lemurian vocations, rites of passage, a typical day in Lemuria, and much more.

From what information we can surmise about Lemuria, it was not a perfect civilization. Not only that, it is believed that Lemuria was surpassed by Atlantis in terms of scientific, and technological achievement. So what was it that was so special about Lemuria? Lemuria was a civilization which valued the community, the individual, and a peaceful coexistence in the world. Lemuria rose far above third dimensional issues of struggle and strife. It was a civilization like none before it or seen since here on Earth. Lemuria, also known as the motherland or Mu, evolved to be a supremely ascended and fully conscious civilization. In fact, Lemuria is believed to have achieved the highest level of civilization on Earth. 

“The Lemurian Way” helps us remember that greatness within ourselves. If you feel drawn to Lemuria, or Mu, for whatever reason, and would like to learn more, “The Lemurian Way” provides you with a truly wonderful understanding and awareness of the Lemurian civilization, and the glory that Lemuria was. And by exploring, studying, and remembering our distant past, we can better understand why we are here now. —Andrew Lutts, Founder, Salem New Age Center and the Lemuria Mailing List