Uncharted Waters by Peter Cruskall


Australian Federal Police detective Jack Wagner is conducting his own investigation into the importation of enriched cocaine that has become the drug of choice for the financiers and stockbrokers of Sydney’s leafy eastern suburbs.

Social justice lawyer Melissa Wu is being actively pursued by mysterious backers to nominate as a candidate for a seat in the New South Wales parliament.

Highly regarded Sydney Daily News reporter, Julie-Anne Granger is back investigating her favourite subject matter; that being Chinese interference in Australian political, corporate and domestic life. Then she receives a telephone call from an anonymous informant that intensifies her focus.

An Australian Maritime Safety Authority analyst identifies unusual navigational behaviour of a cargo ship near the Great Barrier Reef which brings Julie-Anne, Jack and Melissa together to investigate with high cost for all.

“An exciting entry into the world of readers for this new talented author…brilliant and well-paced action…a great read.” Donald, indiebook reviewer.


DAMO VR December 5, 2022

With a sharp eye for detail, a good story-line and some tense, witty and hot interaction between the characters in this book, the author had had me turning the pages, intrigued as to what was going to happen next. Overall a great read and looking forward to the next instalment.

Terri King November, 2 2022

Loved this! Layers of the story line kept the reader engaged from the get go. Lots of action to keep you interested and enough suspense to keep you guessing. The author had obviously done his research and the use of known Australian cities and suburbs kept it real for the reader. The fact that he left it open for a sequel was much appreciated because I never wanted the book to end! Highly recommended! Congratulations to this new and evolving Australian author.

Ev Herman Jan 01, 2023

Suspenseful tale of international crime and politics. Grounded in current realities, with tense interpersonal relationships and well developed dialogue. Characters and situations leave you ready for a sequel.