Before Dawn

Hungry eyes watching from the darkness. Hungry eyes hunting as a team. The pride, driven north out of Tanzania by poachers and encroaching civilization, has learned that man is an easy meal. This will be recorded as their fourth “man kill.” Now to the victors belong the spoils. It was quick. It was easy. It will be a satisfying meal.

Southwest Kenya is being terrorized by a pride of lions that are killing daily.

Dr. Charles Henley, a.k.a. Bwana Kifaru (Mr. Rhino in Swahili), is hired by the Kenyan Minister of Wildlife, in partnership with the San Diego Zoo, to capture these man-eaters and rid the villages around Maasai Mara National Preserve of these killers. The lions are to be captured alive and transported to the San Diego Zoo, bringing Dr. Henley once again into the orbit of his estranged ex-wife, Meredith, who is the head veterinarian.

Although much of the story takes place in Southwest Kenya, this is not an “around the campfire” book of hunting stories. Before Dawn is a suspense novel dealing with the confrontation of nature at its most savage and mankind’s vulnerability.