Arranged Mating

Disciplined, strong, and skilled with her magical whip, Isla Bane was raised far away from prying human eyes, among the male wolves of her pack. But the future she has always imagined, as the Alpha of her pack, becomes nothing more than fantasy when her grandfather interrupts her morning coffee to tell her she is to be mated to the infamous womanizer Axel Griffith – the heir to the wealthy Shadow Pack. As she joins the Shadow Pack in preparation for the mating ceremony, her feelings for Axel grow unexpectedly fast, as does the threat from the insane and bloodthirsty Crazed Otherworlders. Faced with this deadly and suddenly organized enemy, Isla and Axel need to trust each other with their world-altering secrets and overcome their stubborn attitudes if they want to save their packs and the world order Isla was Chosen to protect – even if no one else can be trusted.