The Populist Wave : The origin and rise of American Populism and Nationalism (Conservative Social Theory)

This book of conservative social theory takes its place alongside the multitudes of leftist social theories that have dominated the field of Sociology. Author and sociology student Charles Moscowitz claims that Sociology requires conservative theory in order to retain long term legitimacy as a social science as, otherwise, Sociology is nothing more than a handmaiden of the left.

This book analyses the development of the American character through the lens of history, politics and philosophy as Moscowitz employs the sociological imagination approach that was patented by 20th Century Sociologist C Wright Mills, the author of The Power Elite.

Asserting in the opening line of the book:
 The spectre of populism is rolling across America and the world today Moscowitz takes the temperature of a growing and organic American movement that is re-defining the old politics of left and right. Those old ideas are being replaced with a conservative movement that is forming intersectional relationships with Nationalists, Populists, Libertarians and disaffected liberals and free thinkers, all of whom stand in opposition to what Moscowitz calls a growing international informal aristocracy.

Charles Moscowitz is the host of the Charles Moscowitz LIVE on various platforms. Moscowitz is the author of over 20 books on social commentary, history and current events.