Relationship Counseling: For Women Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior

This book helps you identify the impact of passive-aggressive behaviors in your marriage so you are better qualified to explain your needs to the therapist or counselor. If your husband doesn’t want to take up responsibility for his own behavior, you are not condemned to suffer it alone. you need to find help by consulting with your own therapist.

The best way is to find an individual counselor that understands this particular style of marital interaction, knows the progressive hurt happening to your personality, and can prevent or repair the damage while supporting you to recover your identity.

After reading this book, you will focus on the areas where constant passive aggression damages you personally:

Loneliness, Isolation,

Feelings of Rejection

Destruction of Your Self-Esteem

Confusing Your Mental Clarity

Depression & Hopelessness

This book is a good tool to identify your hurt areas and doing so, to ask for the right help to heal them. Wishing you a healed path to happiness!