Doomsday Warriors: Dawn of the Guardian

Markus, a champion of the Guardian Knights and hero of Kadema, is a legend among the inhabitants of Anastia. He is a man of conviction, who above all things, believes in freedom and justice. He earned his renown during the Guardian War, a terrible conflict that brought about ruin and devastation to the world. Divided and at war, the two continents of Kadema and Nodis fought one bloody battle after another until a promising warrior emerged from the land of Khandra. His name was Tanor, and through his courageous deeds, he was chosen to wield a weapon known as the Angels Blade. Through the eternal bond set forth between hero and sword, the Chosen One would become a beacon of hope.

From the shadows, evil conspires to put an end to Tanor’s bloodline. Tasked with protecting newborn twins, Markus must raise and instruct them in the ways of the Guardian Knights so that Anastia may remain safe. With the twins, Mikiel and Syrra, growing stronger with each passing day, they inspire friend and ally alike to join them in their mission to defend the world from the growing darkness.

With so much at stake and time running short, it soon becomes apparent that even with the mighty Angels Blade, Mikiel and Syrra may not have the strength to hold back the doom that has been let loose upon Anastia.